Investors Opportunities

Al Suwaidi Group & his management always urge & promote to expand existing & establish new businesses, for the purpose always welcomes to new investors, partners, joint ventures, share holders, stack holders at any time to join group network.

Through our subsidiaries group of companies, group promotes widespread prosperity locally & around the world through grass roots programmes and organizations that empower individuals and support local entrepreneurs in the communities in which they live.

Our approach is fundamentally different to that of other technology-focused investment organizations. Recognizing that real change takes time, and that value creation is more about sustainable wealth generation than short-term profit creation, we are committed to a long-term investment horizon. This patient capital approach ensures that our investments are strategic and transformational rather than tactical and opportunistic and, as a result, can deliver superior returns to both our portfolio companies and our shareholder.

ASG underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment criteria targeting businesses with good management and credible strategies, and to reinvigorate companies by strengthening their long term prospects through management incentives and improvements in productivity and long term investment decisions.
Our management style empowers our businesses to run independently while providing any required from vast pool of resources.

 ASG Accountability Believe;

Our response to any situation must always be to choose the honest path of integrity, even if it is at the apparent expense of our own interests. When we are entrusted with assets and responsibilities, we remain accountable for their care and productive use. In due course, we are accountable for and rewarded according to the quality of our stewardship. In the meantime, we believe that it is our responsibility to prosper those things placed in our custody to the best of our ability, leaving them better than when received.

ASG is committed to evaluating the long-term potential of a company and the underlying merits of its technologies and investing in a smart, synergistic way that is beneficial to all concerned.
Our people are disciplined and rigorous in their approach to identifying high value investment opportunities and then managing them, so that they yield the greatest long-term returns.

Our approach begins by identifying an acceptable level of risk, and then building outwards by adding a highly diversified range of asset classes that allow us to maximize returns within these parameters. The Strategy Unit is at the heart of this process. Its market strategists and asset specialists, supported by quantitative analysts, identify new and emerging trends in the global economy and then compare the potential risks and returns of different asset classes within those scenarios.
Our investment strategy requires a careful balance between discipline and flexibility: discipline to ensure the portfolio remains closely aligned with our long-term vision; and flexibility to adapt to major changes ahead of long-term trends.

For generous investment in the group sectors or in the group companies & for available opportunities for investment or deal please Contact 00971 (0)2 6211000 or email , we will serve you at our earliest.